Birmingham International Church of Christ Staff

andytammy.pngAndy and Tammy Fleming most recently served as our Evangelist and Women's Minister, from 2007-2016.
Andy Fleming, educated at Abilene Christian University (USA), Pepperdine University (USA), and the University of Birmingham (PhD in progress in Practical Theology), is respected around the world as a church builder and teacher of God's word. 
Tammy Fleming, educated at Cornell University (USA), joined the Stockholm church planting out of Boston in 1986 as a ministry intern-in-training. Six weeks later, the Flemings were married in Stockholm and began their missionary life together. After serving in the Inner South Sector of the London church (1989-1990), and a short stint in Los Angeles to gather together the Moscow mission team, the Flemings moved to the Soviet Union on 6 June, 1991. They spent eight years in Moscow, during which time they participated in church plantings in Novosibirsk, Kiev, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Riga, and oversaw dozens more, most all led by nationals. 
Today, the Moscow church is over 1000 members, the Novosibirsk church is over 500 members, and the Kiev church of Christ is over 2000 members. The Flemings are so proud of the fact that their daughter, Britain, who was part of the mission team in 1992 as an-almost-three-year-old, has now married and settled in the Ukraine. She and her husband work together as interns in the student ministry in the Kiev church. 
The Flemings returned to the UK in 2007 to serve as the ministry couple for the Birmingham and Leicester churches (then, the Midlands Churches of Christ). During their nine years in Birmingham, they also ministered to the churches in the Northern UK (Belfast, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh). During their time of service with us, over fifty people were added to the membership of the Birmingham church. In 2007, there were no baptised teenagers nor students in the church. The youngest member of the church was 27 and there were a handful of others in their 30's, everyone else was over 40 years old. We love and cherish these mature disciples. We also want the children of the church to have vision for following Jesus as they grow up into their teens and young adulthood. The focus of the Flemings' personal ministry on the youth and students has resulted in a church in 2016 where there is a vibrant group of preteens, teenagers, students, and young professionals between the ages of 20-30. The Flemings left Birmingham to take a one-year sabbatical from ministry for writing and reflection and will be based in Seattle, Washington, USA, before returning to serve in Russia in September 2017. 
The Birmingham church is thrilled to welcome Forest and Mandy Versele as Evangelist and Women's Minister at the end of July, 2016. They are moving with their four daughters, Grace, 13; (who was baptised into Christ at the end of last year), Ruby, 11;  Violet, 8;  and Eva, 6. They have been leading the Sydney, Australia, Church of Christ for the past three years. They bring a variety of experience to their new role here in Birmingham.  As the lead couple for the Roanoke, Virginia, church planting, the Verseles oversaw the church as it grew from 24 to 125 members. They have experience working with elders, deacons, marrieds, singles, students, and teen ministries. We are looking forward to a wonderful new chapter in the life of the Birmingham church as we welcome the Verseles to the UK! 

Build Date: 17/05/2017